!!!Before delving into it, our first note is that we value responsible betting and have specifically made this system so it would not affect one’s finances if followed as instructed. Sports betting is gambling, and there is a saying in soccer: “The ball is round”, which means that anything can happen. We’ve seen teams (clear favourites) at odds of 1.05 lose or draw. All the stats and analysis can only make you get a rough guess of what’s going to happen which can be narrowed down but NEVER 100%. Do not believe anyone advertising 100% outcome. There is no such thing. But we try to get as close as we can to give you profits. Our system will not make you a whole lot of cash in 24h, but would help you build your bankroll in a smart way. and kind of risk free actually.  And the most important lesson of all: DO NOT CHASE THE DRAGON! If you lose the ticket, wait for next week. Otherwise you’ll lose 100s trying to make 10. “!!!

And now…. the system.


The 10to15k system is a type of progressive system where we take the amount won in the previous day and reinvest it. It works exponentially, meaning that on the third day the profits are exponentially higher than on the first day. We have done a lot of calculations and have concluded that the optimum multiplication factor where it does not that not take a lot of tickets but also can be made out of just a few selections on an accumulator with a good chance of outcome… is 5. This means in just 3 days you can turn 10 into 1250. 

But how do we get the odds of 5? 

We will be using an accumulator made out of only 4 games on each day. Our calculations showed us that 5 games is too much, 3 is not enough or requires odds that are far too inefficient. This is means that the magic odds for every match are around 1.5. 

And the only days we recommend playing this system are Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, when most leagues play their matches and most teams are at their top. This normally gives you a hefty list of games to choose from. And we can help you with this as well. Our PREMIUM tips service will give you a list of 10 games out of which you can choose the 4. Let’s say we help you norrow it down. From the list you can do your own research and choose the best 4. We usually get about 7-8 right consistently, which give you a whole lot of combinations.

But how is this going to make me 15k??? 

This is how:

On the first day (Friday) you take your 10 (currency of your account), make 4 selections and turn it into 50(ish… usually the odds can go to around 5.3-5.4 which only means more money to you). Then that 50 gets reinvested the next day (Saturday) into 250. It is at this stage that, depending on the odds at about, let’s say, 5.1 you would have 260 (at odds of 5.3 you are already at 280 at this point) is to take 10 your initial investment out of the race (we actually encourage our players to put their initial investment aside from the second day regardless of the amount). This means that on the third day (Sunday) you would take 250 and make it 1250 (or more, you got the gist). Not only that, but once you pass the second day (the first Saturday of the System) even if you lose on the third day (Sunday) you haven’t lost anything, and even if you did you just lost your intitial 10.

But now you have 1250. Woooo!!! Congrats! Now is time to CASH OUT. But not cash out everything. Just cash out 1000. This will give you 250+ to go onto the next week of the system.  

And if I lose? Well… once you lose a ticket, that’s the week done for you. Do not chase your loss, just wait for NEXT WEEK and start everything again from scratch on the following FRIDAY! Or calculations gave us that, if you bet just do the system once per week (when you lose you go onto the next) and manage to do the first weekend successfully only ONCE in a WHOLE YEAR. You would have doubled your money for the year. (52 weeks x 10 is 520; 1250 – 520 = 730. And this is just with 1 weekend out of 52). 

But you WON! Now onto WEEK 2. The beauty of the second week is that you only play on Saturday and Sunday. And it starts the following way: on Saturday out of the 250 (or more) you have left you just use 100 and, using the same system  of before, make a selection of 4 gams at roughly at 1.5 each gettting you at 500. And on sunday those 500 can be turned into 2500 (or more). If however you lose any of the 2 tickets. You wait until the NEXT WEEK and start again with 100. If you lose the other 100 you have another 5 tries of 10 (basically going back to week 1). The beauty of this is that right now every week you are not playing your money anymore.

But you WON AGAIN!!! YAAAY!… You have 2500+… what you should do now is widraw: 2000. this means after week 2 you have a profit of 3k. And now you have the possibility of the BIG money. 

So now we are going into WEEK 3. If you went until now without any fail, you would be on a 3k+ profit and a staggering 650+ for the last step. In the 3rd week you will basically repeat week 1, but start with 100 instead of 10. This means Friday 100 -> 500, Saturday 500 -> 2500, and Sunday 1500 – 12500. And THAT’S IT!!!! Withdraw 12000… and with other 3 you jsut turn 10 into 15k in 3 weeks. ANd now you have 1000 still in the bank to repeat week 2 and get another 2500… then repeat week 3 and so on. 

NOTE: If you win too much Bet365 will limit your account. One way around this is to put random tickets with big odds, such as Result/Both Teams to Score. Make an accumulator of 6. Put then 10-20 and if your ticket is a winner… then we are looking at hundreds of thousand. 





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90% success rate

The Slow and Steady System is similar to the 10to15k system, however it takes advantage of almost 100% sure games. We will start with 10 as per usual. The tickets feature an accumulator of 3-4 games with odds at about 1.11 which will give you a combined odds of 1.5 (usually get 1.53 – 1.57 ). However, what we will do is reinvest the money the following way. 

Week 1: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday –> will get your balance from 10 to 50

Week 2: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday –>we now go from 50 to 250

Week 3: Friday, Saturday, Sunday –> we now go from 250 to around 850

Now the money should start flowing in. From Week 4 withdraw the money for all the tickets. a ticket of 800 on odds of 1.5 gives 400 profit. It;s enough to do 1-2 maybe even 3 a week. 

Remember you can join our telegram group where we post matches for the slow and steady system. We post 6 matches out of which you should choose 4. 

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