JUNE 2021

And with this concludes the hardest month of the year in terms of selection. A month where we had to choose between the second Ghanian League and obscure tennis matches as there was no soccer to bet on on some days.

A month dominated by the Euro Cup which, due to its nature, is more unpredictable than Bitcoin (our main focus in choosing games is mostly form and statistics) and having only a couple of good leagues to pick from the battle was intense.

However, with all these said, the 10to15k system, while showing a slight decline in Premium, managed to keep a good win ratio and, as per usual, we are 100% committed to complete transparency.

The Slow & Steady System kept it’s 90%ish win ratio at 88.33$% with a couple of surprise results keeping us from being over 90%. Out of 30 days only 2 had 4/6, with the majority being 5/6 and 6/6.

The Premium took a hit as the odds were a lot higher and thus harder to hit. The tips went down from 70% to just below 57%, a decline that was expected due to the difficult nature of the games.

Below you can see all of the games we sent both in free and premium, as well as the extra games sent to the premium users for the euro matches.

July expectancy: Slow & Steady is expected to stay between 90 – 92% win ratio as slowly the European leagues will start picking up again, as well as the premium expected to return to the usual 70%+. The worst is behind us and we can get back to picking matches based on statistics again.

Full Month Spreadsheet: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AvVp-jczWVy7gRjvzwJC8QDJcFy1?e=GxmF1y


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