It’s May, and in Europe summer is approaching fast. Which means one thing: The football season is about to end. This is the last stretch for some teams to save themselves from relegation or to get that elusive european qualifier spot… or even to win their respective leagues. Or it’s that it simply doesn’t matter anymore. It is because of this that (mostly) in the last 2 rounds of most championships betting goes haywire, which is why I decided to make a list fo 5 tips on what to look out for as, if played right, the end of season can bring big money to the table. As you will see, it mostly revolves around surprise wins.

As with the Slow & Steady Bankroll Builder tips, on our Telegram Channel HERE we will be covering some of these matches with exclusive predictions absolutely free for everyone. But now… onto the list:

  1. Teams already crowned as champions or qualified for European Cups

At the time of me writing this, in Italy’s Serie A, Internazionale Milano has already been crowned champion. What does this mean? It means that, no matter what happens, the trailing team will not be able to surpass them anymore. It is, as well, the situation for teams placed 4th, 5th, 6th etc (depending on leagues) where their qualification is already done.  This can have a massive impact on the play, as players tend to play more relaxed, and in a way it’s good as we are more likely to see a more beautiful football rather than tactics 100%. It is a very good opportunity to bet on the underdog with high returns. So if you have some extra cash in your betting account, try going for surprise results.

2. Teams already qualified for Play-Offs

As with many leagues in Europe nowadays (mostly second tier leagues), a number of positions qualify for a cup-style play-off either between themselves (English lower leagues) or between them and a relegating team in the league above. (Second last place from League A playing Second place in League B to decide who promotes, relegates, or remains their respective league). This means that, just like teams qualified for a European Championship position, the remaining matches don’t really matter anymore, but they still have the Play-Offs to play, which means many teams will rest most of the important players. Again, even though the name of the team might be big, it might just be using serves, giving a much greater chance for the underdog to draw or win.

3. Matches between middle of the table teams & rivalries

To put it bluntly, avoid at all costs. Matches between teams standing in the middle of the table with no real stake anymore can go either way. Teams are tired, might play for fun so, statistically, everything goes. This is, however, not true when it comes to rivalries. It might just be friendlies but some teams just like to give it all between each other. In this case it’s good to know the leagues you are betting on and which team rivals which other. Again here the element of surprise can bring some good odds into play.

4. Team that needs points VS team that doesn’t

This case can either be between a relegating team and a crowned, qualified or middle of the table team. Or between a qualifying one against another that’s sitting comfortably. You can rest assured that the team that needs the points will go out guns blazing. In some cases even the better team might just play less and, if the weaker one manages to score and win, good for them (not talking about fixed games). Do your research and see which team needs the points and what are their chance of getting a European spot or avoid relegation. Your eyes might catch some monster odds.

5. Matches between teams that both still need points.

These are the easiest games to analyze as they follow the normal analysis for the season as both teams will go in needing goals. Very good fixtures for Both Teams to Score as teams will probably go in a lot more aggressive than usual in an all or nothing bid for those 3 points.


So there you go. This is the general rule to watch out for when betting in the last 2 rounds of a league. The main advice is: go for the surprise underdog against a better team with no stake in the league anymore. Odds of 4.00, 5.00 and 6.00 are a dream in these situations.

And as always, bet responsibly.

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